Product packaging is an (often overlooked) opportunity to communicate value and share your brand message with customers. From the shipping case to the product label, brochures, and catalog, each asset tells the story of your brand.

Foliar-Pak is an innovative, high quality, and technology-driven product line. It belongs in a thoughtfully designed, premium shipping carton, not some plain brown box with a specimen label stuck on the side.

Foliar-Pak’s packaging prominently displays the brand motto, “More than nutrients, we provide solutions.” Examples of those solutions—such as preventing plant stress and accelerating turfgrass establishment—are listed on the side panel of the carton.Foliar Pak Jug and Box Mockup White BackgroundFoliar-Pak is more than nutrients, but those nutrients are pretty great too. With premium ingredients like plant-derived L-amino acids and pharmaceutical grade minerals, Foliar-Pak proudly displays the ingredients right on the box.

The label design is simple and clean with recognizable graphics that carry through across all other marketing collateral. Product brochures contain selling information in addition to the guaranteed analysis and general use instructions.