J&D Turf serves the green industry as a sports field construction, maintenance, and consulting company. The company uses Twitter and a blog to empower DIY coaches and grounds crews through education and resources.

It’s a common trick of the trade for groundskeepers to use their car keys to test the moisture level of an infield, similar to a baker sticking a toothpick into a cake. We wanted to build on that concept and create a multipurpose tool that could also measure the infield conditioner level. The tool would be given away to customers and prospects as a promotional item. Working together with J&D Turf, we brainstormed ideas, sketched designs, sourced a manufacturer, and tested prototypes until the ‘J&D Turf Key to Infield Maintenance’ was finally born.

The notched details at the bottom of the tool give the essence of a key while also providing a guide for the optimal measurements for infield conditioner depth. The company’s blog address is etched into the body of the key so customers can find more resources while connecting with the brand online. A bottle opener makes the tool useful after hours, and the keychain encourages customers to keep it on them.

In addition to the infield tool, our team designed cards with instructions. The cards were hole-punched and inserted into the key rings before distribution. Focusing on Twitter influencers, we sent infield tools to several customers with handwritten notes. We also used Twitter to share pictures of the ‘J&D Turf Key to Infield Maintenance’ in action at different sports fields. It was a hit! J&D Turf distributed their infield key tools at industry trade shows all year, and they continue to have people requesting them on Twitter.